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IEDIS is a Research Institute  of the University of Zaragoza, whose main goal is to carry out research on Employment, Digital Society, and Sustainability, and provide answers to the global challenges of our time from different perspectives (economic, business, legal, social, educational, cultural...), all with the ultimate aim of building bridges between academic research, policy makers, and society.

IEDIS is aligned with the global strategy of the University of Zaragoza regarding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and will address and focus on  the most important of our research lines.


El principal objetivo de este Instituto de Investigación es convertir a la Universidad de Zaragoza en una universidad del conocimiento en Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas de primer nivel, promoviendo la excelencia científica a través de la promoción y consolidación de la investigación, así como de una creciente transferencia en las distintas áreas que se incluyen en las Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas.

The main objective of IEDIS is to turn the University of Zaragoza into a top-level university in the field of Economics, Social and Legal Sciences. We will promote academic excellence through consolidation of research, as well as an increasing transference in the various relevant areas of Economics, Social and Legal Sciences. 

This global objective is embodied in the following specific areas: 

  • Establish research networks, at national and international levels, to foster relationships with other research centres.  
  • Attract talent at the national and international levels.
  • Take part in European research calls.
  • Promote fund-raising through agreements with social entities, organisations, and actors. 
  • Consolidate IEDIS as a Research Institute in Economics, Social and Legal Sciences. 
  • Publish results in high-impact scientific journals. 
  • Foster research in the business and industry environments.
  • Outline a training plan, following current regulation. 
  • Establish agreements with entities and organizations that contribute to the dissemination of research in society.
  • Promote research dissemination tools to facilitate the transfer of information to society.
  • Provide support and advisory services to entities and organizations.
  • Any other objectives that, in accordance with the law, are assigned by the University of Zaragoza, Campus Iberus, and/or the Government of Aragon.